Proposed Pricing

Ooba CRM is built to be 100% affordable to microbusinesses.

Your Initial Trial & Testing Phase

We know you're busy and that transitioning to new software can be a pain. So, we give you:

  • A 60 day trial period (with full "Micro" functionality)

  • A "Oh No... I am still testing" Tier at only £5/month for another 60days (with full "Micro" functionality).

  • That's potentially 120 days to test and get a handle on it without spending much at all.

When You're Up & Running

The first 250 customers will be 'locked' at this introductory rate. As we add new features or have to increase our prices, you will NOT be charged any extra or have any increase in your prices, as a thank you for your initial faith in OobaCRM.

Ooba CRM "Micro"

£8.00/month + VAT = £9.60/month

This is for up to 2 Users
Up to 10,000 contacts

Additional Users

£5/month + VAT = £6.00/month

per additional user

Full Support

We know that new software can seem daunting. And, often, people give up or don't get the most out of it. That's why we will be providing:

  • Email support

  • Full "chat support" (from 9am to 5pm UK time)

  • A wealth of help & how-to documents and videos

  • A full "Getting Started" video series

  • Ongoing webinars and training

  • Full API/Tech documentation and support.

We are based in the UK. Our support team and development team are all in the UK. We do not out-source anything - it is all designed, developed and created with love in the UK.