Welcome to OobaCRM

This is just a holding website. Your new, awesome CRM is being built right now.


What is Ooba CRM?

Ooba CRM will be a fresh new way of thinking about Customer Relationship Management software - and it's dedicated to Microbusinesses. The DREAM is that OobaCRM will be:

  • Easy to use for "the non-technical"

  • Easy to setup, add data and get started rapidly.

  • Easy to configure - just how you want it - layouts and fields are all able to be changed by you with simple drag and drop interface.

  • Easy to track customers, suppliers and marketing contacts... Assign people, colour-code people, tag people, segment people.

  • Add in company's logos, customer pictures, map locations, social media data.

  • Create 'relationships' between contacts and companies (hey! that's what it should be all about right!)

  • Easily monitor contact activity, orders, and their contact events / interactions you have had. In an easy-to-follow, searchable timeline.

  • Easy to set automated 'triggers' and behavioural Actions - i.e. If a customer does X and buys Y but hasn't been contacted in Z days, then send them Email 2... Or maybe initiate a sales activity.

  • Easy to get reports based on Customer AND Organisation combined rather than thinking of them separately.

  • Integrates with standard email services such as MailChimp, MailGun, SendGrid, SendInBlue etc (we'll start with ClickSend and work from there)

  • Integrates directly with Xero (not going to be something 'at launch' but a key feature we're determined to build).

Interested in Ooba CRM for your business?

Why not register your interest and we'll keep you up to date.

(Also... the first 100 founding customers will get lifetime locked in pricing)