Oh... it's going to be awesome!

Full features list coming soon.

But here's just some to get you started. Some are key. Some are aspirational. We'll work with customers to build what's needed.

Customers & Suppliers

Full Contact management and Organisation/Company management with Document Upload, Image Upload - or link to One Drive Folders.

Integrates with your email SMTP so you view emails sent/received from contact.

Log contact activity/tasks (e.g. log calls, visits, emails, docs sent, conversations) like a Facebook feed

Calendar/Schedule future activities

Assign Companies & Contacts to Departments and Cost Centres

Create visual Location/Department/People Organisation Hierarchy layouts (i.e. who's the boss etc)


Advanced segmentation "Segments" using customer data, events, purchases, categories, tags AND time (e.g. Dates, times & 'durations since')

Email template generation

Transactional email

Transactional SMS messaging

Simple Newsletter Email Campaigns

Drip/Scheduled Email Campaigns

Web Forms (add code to your website and when completed, the data gets added to OobaCRM directly.

GDPR/SignUp Confirmation flow.


Segmentation criteria editable manually or triggered by events.

Use "Segments" to automatically:

  • Trigger transactional emails (e.g. info, prices, confirmations etc)

  • Trigger sales activity events (e.g. Make a sales call, send quote)

  • Trigger campaign emails

  • Notifications to you and your Users

  • Create Tasks for Users


Configure all activities, event triggers, categories, tags etc bespoke to your needs.

Configure fields as you need

Configure page layouts as you need

Easily add users and assign to Departments




Set reminders

Set time-bound events

Set repeat activities

Customer Journeys & Engagement

Micro-customer journeys. Automate and engage with customers at the micro-level. Set up the journey the user will embark on. Establish what criteria trigger that journey. Get user interaction. Measure engagement and progress.

(Possible) Integrations


Microsoft One Drive


Update contacts (and their segmentation criteria) via the API

Email providers: clicksend.com, Amazon SES, Mailchimp, Mailgun, Sendgrid,, mailjet.com

SMS providers: clicksend.com

Accounts (TBC)

Run "Management" reports based on "Segments" and Date Ranges - when integrated with Xero.

Future features we're already dreaming about.

Image Repository

2GB storage of images that you use for your marketing. upload artwork, PDFs and images that you and your team can access as a central library

Systemize your Business

Generate processes, workflows, checklists and create How To manuals... and store them here for your team to access as and when they need them.

Event Triggers

We have a list of triggers to which you can add your own code and fire off information to other APIs.

e.g. onTagChange, onContactChange, onContactAdd, onOrgansationAdd, onEmailOpen etc etc




Parts & Parts Categories

Bills of Materials (BOMs)

BOMs within BOMs

Matrix BOMs


Full stock management

From raw

From manufacture

From suppliers

Customer Support

Support Ticket system

Updates contact Segments if necessary.

Visible against contact / organisation


API functionality to effect oobaCRM from external software.